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16 September 2020 Speech - East Ivanhoe Village

My question is for the Minister for Roads and Road Safety. I have had representations from the Ivanhoe community, particularly from Jenny Mulholland, OAM, about safety provisions in East Ivanhoe village. Led by Jenny, the local community and the traders association have been working with council to lobby the government to provide the strip on Lower Heidelberg Road with an additional pedestrian crossing and an extension of the traffic island. Council has advised that it is waiting on the Department of Transport to commit to the project. Only three years ago a young student was hit on this strip when crossing the road, demonstrating the safety imperative.

The local lower house member, Mr Carbines, is absent on this issue and the community needs representation. My question is: will the government commit to investing in this much-needed safety infrastructure on Lower Heidelberg Road through the East Ivanhoe village?

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