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2 June 2020 Media - Eastern Freeway Tolls

Media Release - Matthew Bach MP

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Liberal amendment to stop Andrews from tolling the Eastern Freeway to back fill Labor’s cost blow outs on the North East Link project

The amendment would ensure that Daniel Andrews could not toll any stretch of the Eastern Freeway.

Motorists should not have to pay tolls for existing roads, including the Eastern Freeway.

It is time the Labor members for Eastern Metropolitan Region stood up for their local communities. Shaun Leane and Sonja Terpstra are on notice. Their constituents will be watching this vote.

If Daniel Andrews has no plans to toll the Eastern Freeway he should support this amendment.

Comment attributable to Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region, Matt Bach:

“I’m moving this amendment today to guarantee that all who depend on the Eastern Freeway have certainty that Labor cannot put a sneaky new toll on any part of this road.”

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