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23 April 2020 Speech - Upper Heidelberg Road

My constituency question is for the Minister for Roads and it relates to Upper Heidelberg Road in Ivanhoe. The particular stretch of road that I will discuss today briefly is between Bell Street in the north and the Centre Ivanhoe down in the south. My office has had representations from numerous members of the public who have identified the fact that this stretch of road has been neglected for years.

Now, I can attest to this because until I took up my position in this place just last month, I worked just off Upper Heidelberg Road. The surface is a patchwork after many piecemeal attempts to fix it in the past. It is bumpy, pothole-ridden and therefore treacherous for both cars and cyclists alike. This is an arterial road under VicRoads authority, and local councillors therefore have also brought this to my attention as a local member. My question to the minister is: when is this section of road going to be properly resurfaced rather than once again receiving a cheap and ineffective band aid fix?

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