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4 August 2020 Speech - Thank You to Teachers

I rise today to provide a statement in support of my fellow teachers. Teaching is immeasurably rewarding. I have had the pleasure of witnessing many students grow and flourish, discovering a love of learning in the classroom in front of my very eyes. We teach because we value the power of a good education and the hope that it can instil in the next generation. But right now, teaching is really, really hard. In the current circumstances, teachers are feeling disconnected from their students and their colleagues, which makes the task of engaging with them very difficult. Even more so, with both onsite and online learning, teachers have been torn, experiencing the toughest year of their careers. But they have not let that get in the way of ensuring they deliver for their students.

We will look back on this period of our history with nothing but the utmost admiration for our educators and the invaluable service they provide young Victorians and, therefore, the wellbeing of the whole state. So, I thank all Victorian teachers. We are all behind you as you continue to work with young Victorians through such a challenging time.

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